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We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of premium-quality Polyethylene (PE) foam products. In today’s competitive market, the need for reliable, versatile, and durable materials is more critical than ever. That’s where our PE foam comes into play. Known for its exceptional properties such as lightweight nature, durability, and resistance to moisture and static, PE foam has become an indispensable material across a multitude of industries.

Whether you’re in the packaging sector looking for superior cushioning solutions, a construction firm in need of high-performance insulation materials, or an individual seeking versatile foam products for personal use, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive range of PE foam products includes sheets, mats, and strips, each available in various densities and resistance levels to meet your specific needs.

EVA/PE/TPE foam sheets with different colors, neat and tidy, in the same thickness
EVA/PE/TPE foam sheets with different colors, neat and tidy, in the same thickness
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Why Choose Our PE Foam Products

Our PE foam stands out for its durability, lightweight properties, and versatility. We offer custom solutions to meet your specific application needs, ensuring maximum performance and value.

Types of PE Foam We Offer

We provide an extensive range of PE foam products, including sheets, mats, and strips. Our foam is available in various densities and offers excellent resistance to moisture and static.

Environmental and Safety Features

Our PE foam is not only durable but also eco-friendly and safe. It features anti-static and moisture-resistant properties, making it a responsible choice for various applications.

Customization and Fabrication

We offer tailored PE foam solutions to fit your unique requirements. From custom molds to specialized fabrication processes, we ensure you get the perfect product for your needs.

Applications of Our PE Foam Products

Our PE foam is ideal for multiple sectors, such as packaging, construction, and insulation. Its resilience and protective qualities make it a top choice for diverse applications.



MaterialHardness (Shore C)Density (kg/m3)Foam RateWater Absoprtion (%)
*Parameters are for reference only and are customized according to customer requirements.

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